Alpha Course

Online Alpha, is a very open and relaxed way of people exploring questions of faith and the purpose of life.  In 2020 when millions of people have faced lockdown and uncertainty Online Alpha has had an unprecedented number of people joining courses and we are delighted to announce that St Peter’s Church, is hosting an Alpha course this November.  You can join from anywhere you just need access to the internet and Zoom, please join us you would be very welcome.

Starting on Wednesday 18th November the course will run for 11 weeks

8pm - 9pm from the 18th November to  16th December and then from the 6th January to 3rd February 2021


The idea is to listen to a short talk each week (about 20 minutes) and then to have an opportunity to talk about it with a small group of people (the same people each week).  There is no pressure to believe anything or to agree with the talk, the idea is to chat about what everyone in the group thinks about what they have heard.  Likewise, there is no pressure to attend church or join anything after the course.  The aim of the course is to explore… Click the buttons below to watch and find out more...

We would love to share our faith with you and to share our belief that God loves each of us no matter what.  So come as you are and explore faith with us. For more information and how to join the course please contact:

or complete the form below: