Our giving

We try to look beyond the confines of our own parish to what God is doing elsewhere.  We are delighted to be able to support a number of charities both via long-term giving and via ad-hoc collections.

We offer financial support to the work of Christian organisations working in the UK and in overseas mission.  Further information about these charities is shown below.

The Parish Youth Group also supports Grassroots Child Sponsorship programme in Theta, Kenya.

Our annual "Carols on the green" on Christmas Eve provides a further opportunity for the whole community to give, supporting charities which vary from year to year.

Ad-hoc collections are also taken, for example in response to disasters or, by request, at memorial services.

Support for our Benefice Churches

Our four churches within the Benefice seek to perform a vital role in the local community as well as supporting charities and mission work further afield. The donations we receive from members, visitors and the wider community are key to resourcing this work.  We are hugely grateful to everyone who feels able to support our churches financially, however large or small the donation.

Our beautiful buildings are very much the focal points for our villages and we know that many in our community feel strongly about preserving their living history.  For those who wish to give specifically to preserve the buildings, segregated funds exists to enable this.

If you would like to support any of the churches on an ongoing basis, please contact us for details of our envelope scheme, standing orders and gift aid.

St Peter’s Church selected charities for 2020


New Foundations is a response to the call of God to go to the people of the Niger Delta. Since 2003 the foundation has sought to serve God in a very difficult environment. Starting as a visiting boat clinic it has evolved into four established clinics, and twenty-five fully trained Health Care Workers who treat around 6,000 patients across remote and often inaccessible communities each year. They run a small fellowship at the mission station where people come to ask questions about Christianity, discuss, and share a meal. New Foundations programs are grassroots and very much part of community life. They provide support to a local Primary School which they founded, staffed and equipped, provide boreholes for the provision of clean drinking water, and established a day centre for feeding and support for children perceived at risk from sexual predation. A fundamental part of the training is discipleship. The workers regard themselves as medical missionaries to their own communities and are working toward New Foundations becoming a self-sustaining, Nigerian led organisation. Find out more about this organisation at:

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MANNA raises financial support for the diverse and inspiring work of the Anglican churches of Mozambique and Angola.

Mozambique and Angola are among the poorest countries in the world and are facing up to the challenges which follow years of destructive civil war.

The Anglican churches in these countries are experiencing tremendous growth, yet are held back by lack of funds. Today in these two countries there are over 800 Christian congregations in these dioceses that are constantly growing. Their needs are growing too as these churches seek to support and empower their local communities, fostering change in health, education and development.

The projects which MANNA raises funds to support include building churches, clergy training and facilitation of transport, as well as education, health and development projects.

Find out more at www.manna-anglican.org.


Maggs Day Centre provides the basics, a lifeline to help people survive the worst of what life throws at them. Open five days a week, providing a safe, dry environment where homeless and particularly vulnerable people can get food and hot drinks, as well as using showers and laundry facilities . Committed to helping and mentoring all those who are ready to make changes, to start getting their lives back on track they create individually tailored support plans to help them achieve their goals. It provides the homeless people an escape from social isolation and gives them the chance to feel normal, have ordinary conversations and forget, for a while, about being homeless. The Maggs Clothing Project offers clean clothing, sleeping bags and other bedding which the Homeless may visit once a week to get the clothes and bedding they need. When a homeless person finds a place to live, they can also provide starter packs to help them along. Their ‘resilience project’ aims to help/ guide them to reintegrate back into mainstream society, by accompanying them to services/activities, until they have the confidence to do so independently by themselves and provides skills training that helps homeless people to function better in society. Find out more about this charity by visiting:

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St James’ Church selected charities for 2020

St Paul’s Hostel Worcester

Provides accommodation for single homeless people and rough sleepers

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Farming Community Network

Help farming families through difficult periods and crisis

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LIV School, Zulu Natal, South Africa

Educates and provides a home for orphans from HIV-AIDS

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Caring Hands In The Vale

Food and other support to those in need

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St Nicholas’ Church selected charity for 2020

Food and other support to those in need

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